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ALZUMAb is the World's first novel anti-CD6 antibody developed by Biocon to address a large unmet need for the treatment of Psoriasis in India.

- Excellent safety and efficacy profile with very low opportunistic   infection rates and longer remission period

- Offers a new treatment option for Psoriasis with a less   aggressive dosing regimen and a longer treatment free period,   ensuring better patient compliance and convenience

- Is an innovative affordable treatment option with a promise to   offer a better quality of life for the patient

- Will provide an effective biologic treatment solution to 1-2% of   Indian population suffering from Psoriasis

- ALZUMAb (Itolizumab) has demonstrated preclinical   and/clinical evidence in treating other autoimmune diseases   like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and multiple   sclerosis.

- Biocon is committed to offering this novel anti-CD6 biologic   from India to patients across the globe

Inflammatory autoimmune diseases like Psoriasis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis require therapeutic intervention to modulate the immune system and alleviate disease symptoms. Autoimmune diseases are chronic in nature and patients require life long treatment. T-Cells found in the immune system which cause these diseases are a natural target for immunomodulation.

Itolizumab is the world’s 'first-in-class' humanized anti-CD6 monoclonal antibody (MAb) that has a unique mechanism of action (MOA) targeting the CD6 pathway. CD6 is a pan T-Cell marker involved in co-stimulation, adhesion and maturation of T-Cells, which have been found to play a leading role in autoimmune diseases. Itolizumab, by binding to CD6, down regulates T-Cell activation, causes reduction in synthesis of proinflammatory cytokines and possibly plays an important role by reducing T-Cell infiltration at sites of inflammation.

Emerging data shows that in addition to Th1, Th17 cells play a critical role in autoimmune diseases. Itolizumab is the world’s first anti-CD6 biologic addressing the Th17 pathway that has completed its 'Lab to Market' journey, making Biocon a front-runner in the race to develop biologics targeting the Th17 pathway.

Unlike other biologics like cytokine inhibitors which act downstream in the pro-inflammatory cascade, Itolizumab acts upstream inhibiting the formation of cytokines, resulting in lower infection rates and longer remission periods.

In addition to the Phase 3 TREAT-PLAQ study, two positive Phase 2a dose finding studies have been conducted one each in rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. A total of over 300 patients have been treated with Itolizumab, of these, about 100 patients have received the drug for 52 weeks with encouraging safety and tolerability profile. Itolizumab was approved by Drugs Controller General of India for treatment of Psoriasis in India in 2013.

Biocon has launched Itolizumab as ALZUMAbfor the treatment of psoriasis in India. It is the Second Novel Biologic from Biocon to be introduced for Indian patients.

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ALZUMAb launched in India
Biocon's Break Through Innovation
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  Paradigm Changed for Psoriasis Treatment: pdf
  An Introduction to Novel Biologic for Psoriasis: pdf
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