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Biocon's R&D efforts are directed towards biopharmaceutical drug development through 4 principal domains:

- Molecular Biology
- Process Sciences
- Non-clinical Research
- Clinical Research

Molecular Biology:

Our molecular biology group is constantly engaged in path breaking research for discovery and development of various therapeutic proteins utilizing recombinant DNA technology for high value research assets. We are also in the process of developing platform technologies for improved proteins expression through microbiology and mammalian cells.

Process Sciences:

Biocon houses a very strong Biologics development team. The core strengths of this group are

  • Cell Line Development
  • Fermentation
  • Purification
  • Scale-up
  • Formulations
  • Analytical
  • Characterization

The Biologics team has several years of experience in peptides and proteins including Antibodies and Fusion proteins.

Small Molecules

Leveraging our core fermentation expertise, we are continuously researching and developing a range of microbial-derived pharmaceutical products for disease areas spanning cardiovascular, diabetes, nephrology, inflammatory and oncology. The processes we develop are robust and scalable.

Small molecule pharmaceuticals play an important role in Biocon's R&D programs. We leverage our expertise in chemical synthesis to improve manufacturing productivity for existing products and introduce new generics into our pipeline. Under development are several generics for the anti-infective, oncology and immunosuppressive domains.

Non-clinical Research

Our scientists undertake toxicology and pharmacology studies to establish proof of concept and provide assurance of safety in molecules under investigation. We plan, develop and work with CRO's studies based on global regulatory requirements.

We also have full-fledged capabilities to develop, qualify and validate methods to estimate immune responses in the clinic and evaluate pharmaco dynamics and pharmaco kinetics of biologics.

Additionally we have the capability to devise approaches to detect and validate novel biomarkers.

Clinical Research:

We develop clinical protocols for several novel drugs in our pipeline. We conduct well-designed studies which include assessment of novel biomarkers to derive maximum information about the safety and efficacy of our molecules in clinical trials. We interact with clinical researchers and physicians in major clinical centers globally to use up-to-date clinical knowledge in designing and analyzing our clinical studies.




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